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About Virtual Reality Games

We are delivering the perfect ultimate VR experience to video gamers. The goal is not only to be the biggest VR arcade in the world, the goal is to be the centre of gravity for all VR enthusiasts. The place to be, the place to share and the place to communicate VR concepts.

VIR goes transparent. We show each and every step before, during and after our ICO. We build trustworthy relationships with our investors and contributors. Virtual Reality Games has its vision, but wants every investor to contribute to the success of the company by seeing, voting and participating.

We recreate people, we set them free of any real-life limits. We create future

VIR token value proposition

Company Share

Company shares & Dividends
30% of ICO generated funds will go towards 20% company share purchase
ICO holders will receive 20% of Virtual Reality Games' operational profit

VR Games 1 hour ticket
35 tokens
can be exchanged for
1-hour VR session
at VR Games
VR Games 1 month ticket
100 tokens
can be exchanged for
a month pass
at VR Games
VR Games 1 year ticket
1000 tokens
can be exchanged for
an annual pass
at VR Games
VR Games lifetime ticket
10000 tokens
can be exchanged for
a lifetime pass
at VR Games
Market value

Market value & Exchange
You can sell and exchange tokens at any time
You can exchange tokens for any merchandise sold at Virtual Reality Games


ICO bonus 20%
First month

ICO bonus 15%
Second month

ICO bonus 10%

Road map



The regulation from the tax authorities depends on your country of residency. Please study the applicable laws before contributing to the VR Games ICO.
Yes. It is compliant with ERC20 standard.
A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.
At the end of a financial year 20 % of distributable funds of VR Games are transferred to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the smart contract. The ETH is then redistributed proportionately to all holders of VR Games tokens according to smart contract conditions. In order to receive the benefits, VR Games has to be stored on an Ethereum wallet.
After the ICO, the VIR token will b e listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The holder s of VR Games tokens will be granted with annual benefits. VR Games token holders can also get benefits from trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges.
The total number of tokens will be determined by the results of the ICO.

During the VR Games ICO, the initial tranche of 500,000 VR Games tokens would be available.

After the ICO , all the unallocated VR Games tokens will be destroyed.

You can get VIR tokens in exchange of BTC or ETH on our authorized websites or cryptocurrency exchanges. Please remember to add your wallet’s transaction fee to the total amount, calculated after translating the rate of VIR token at a pric e of $1 USD per VIR token in to the prevalent rate of the cryptocurrency.

We advise you to contact your wallet provider to know the recommended fee. The total amount in cryptocurrency will be locked at the moment the order is created and will remain locke d regardless of the currency’s exchange rate fluctuations.

Bonuses will be available during the first two months of the c rowdfunding. We plan to offer up to 15% bonus in the first month of ICO and up to 10% in the second month to attract the various contributor s to our token sale. We plan to offer no bonus in the third month.

We plan to offer 10% bonus for affiliates and referral.

VR Games may determine in its absolute discretion that any othe r bonuses may apply during the crowdfunding.

The funds will be used primarily for development and creation of assets, with a small portion allocated to the establishment, marketing and business development.

The funds would mainly be used for expansion of the Virtual Reality Games through more VR stations and increase in the capacity at the existing locations.

We also intend to open VR Games branches on the new locations depending on the total funds raised.

During the ICO 1 VR Games token has a price of $ 1 USD. The minimum single lot available for crowdfunding is 100 VR Games tokens or $100 USD.

Our strategy has a built - in flexibility. This would help us in case of the less funds being raised through the ICO. We will deploy each dollar of the funds raised in th e productive and profitable use. But by participating in th e c rowdfund ing, the participants/contributors acknowledge their risk that VR Games is not required to provide a refund.

We have a modular and phase wise plan for the use of the financial resources for the expansion of Virtual Reality Games. This is due to the fact that we can buy as many VR stations as the funds allow. 

The initial fundraising goal of VIR ICO is $500,000 USD.
  • Your investment is covered b y real assets and physical VR Games arcades and facilities .
  • VR Games has a proven and successful business model.
  • VR Games is operating a successfully running business with steady cash flows in future.
  • You can also benefit from the appreciation in the value of the token due to the rising price of the token.
  • The token holder s will also receive benefits from the profitable operations of the company.
  • You can sell and exchange VR Games tokens any time at the cryptocurrency exch anges to liquidate your VIR token holdings and get cash.
  • More token usage options will be available in the future as VIR tokens become popular like third party transactions. 
The initial price of 1 VR Games token is fixed at $ 1 USD during the ICO. Once it is listed at cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO, the value is expected to increase to higher levels.
You can get the VIR tokens through our authorized websites. During the ICO you will be able to get VR Games tokens using the appropria te payment methods in exchange for the BTC, ETH and fiat currencies like USD, Euro, etc.   

VR Games (VIR) tokens are the digital currency tokens built on t he blockchain technology i.e. Ethereum blockchain. VIR will be simulated as an ERC20 token, which means that users will be able to send and receive them on all ERC20 compliant wallets.

The Ethereum platform will facilitate the launch of VIR token s for global use as a common standard. The ERC20 standard allows VIR to immediately work with all decentralized apps that also conform to the standard, which means th at numerous wallets can hold VIR. It also means that VIR is easily exchangeable with other cryptocurrency tokens that comply with the ERC20 rules, including the Ethereum token – Ether.

VR Games Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a model of crowdfunding to fund the expansion of VR Games. VR Games is issuing VIR tokens in exchange for the funds of the contributors.